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Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
the energy released by 400,000 hiroshima atomic bombs every day. that's a lot of energy, even on a big planet. and one of the things that does is it evaporates more water off the oceans which puts more water vapor into the sky, 4% more in the last 30 years, and then when that waterfalls, either as rain or snow, it comes in much larger downpours, which causes larger floods. the winds get stronger. the storm, the storms are more intense, the sea level is up. all those things converged on sandy. but the very fact that there is 4% more water vapor in the atmosphere, not just above the place where the raindrops fall, you know, you have a bathtub filled with water, you open the drain, the water going down the drain just come just from the part of the tub directly above the drain t comes from the whole tub. and when there is a storm that it stretches out 2,000 kill 3450e9ers, often, and funnels toward the downpour so look what happened today in australia. they had two and a half feet of rain in queensland, okay. all over the-- pakistan, 20 million -- >> had to you will cat military in to
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm PST
i've done this. when someone's a little off even in the street in new york wherever, the energy changes and when pat walks in the room ... >> rose: step back. >> she didn't step back she came right at him. >> rose: and he responded to that. >> yes and the fact she's gorgeous. >> rose: there's also this. dancing. you had to learn to dance the way >> pat would. >> rose: so it was like two weeks of intensive lessons. >> that's right and then every moment not shooting in the third floor walk up studio with jennifer going over this very bipolar choreographed dance. we shot that dance in two days and everybody's watching the dance and robert deniro stood there for 12 hours two days in a row watching us do this dance didn't go back to his trailer just stood there like pat senior. >> rose: he seems like a mentor, something special come out on this. there's this famous scene that took place and we talked about this. this is when you were at the actor's studio asking a question about acting. here it is. >> hello mr. deniro. my name is brandly cooper. my question is about awakingsennings.
Feb 2, 2013 3:00am EST
anxious energy that you feed off of. it's just, you know, been there enough times that this is my fifth super bowl n this case. you know, i'm in a stage of my career where i want to enjoy it, you know, i know i can do it, i want to really enjoy it and i think it makes you a better broadcaster. because you know, i think the best sports commentators are the ones who have perspective like charlie rose. a bigger picture of the world. like you can read all the media guides you want. but i mean i would rather read about all things, you know, that may have nothing to do with this game. i want to know about new orleans. i want to know about the culture, the cuisine, the people. and i think that breadth of knowledge gives you, i think, the kind of perspective you need at a network level. >> rose: everything we've done on this program today preceding you has been about that, the culture, the city, the place. what this means to them. >> uh-huh. i get it here. i lived here. ri have lived in a lot of different places as a kid. my mom and dad would take up, my dad would get promoted, working fo
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
love to work on, and so i'm spending time on energy innovation because we need cheap energy. we need clean energy. i'm creating a new high school course because i think science and history can be brought together and made more interesting. often, the money that lets you do the innovation is what's missing, and i'm lucky enough to have capital to-- whether it's a new nuclear reactor or cheap solar, i can back some wild ideas so that i put time into that. and it lets me learn a lot of science, work with brilliant people. >> rose: i have in my hand the bill and melinda gates at annual letter from you from the foundation. who is this directed to? who are you-- who do you want to read this? >> well, warren buff set sort of an ideal person i'd like to find it interesting because he's very busy doing his job, but he cares a lot about these issues. he knows i get to travel to africa. i get to see what's going on with budgets and science. what's honestly taking place is there is the aid working? where's corruption blocking that? and so on a yearly basis, he'd like to have me summarize where i
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)